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Welcome by Siobhan Tuck, Anna Kah McLoughlin, PUNCH and Heidi Hinkle Vargas


Cyndie Spiegel on Mastering The Art of #Originality

In this exciting opening session, Cyndie's no-bullshit style of elevating the status quo of women will show you what it means to show up in the world without posing and shying away from who you truly are.  She will rally your spirit, equipping you with the tactical tools that you need to turn [the often overused] quality of authenticity into your greatest asset. 


Alison Roman and Julia Kramer in Conversation

Alison Roman, cookbook author of the beloved “Dining In”, became an overnight sensation on Instagram with “The Cookies.” In this lively conversation with Julia Kramer, Deputy Editor of Bon Appétit, she’ll discuss building her visual brand in a changing space, and the unique relationship she’s built with her audience.

Presenters: Alison Roman (Writer and Cookbook Author, Dining In) + Julia Kramer (Deputy Editor, Bon Appétit)


PANEL: Is Anything New Anymore?

In a world where social media offers easy access to ideas and trends, how does one create something truly new? How is the beverage and hospitality industry reimagining what originality really look like? Innovators in wine, cocktails, food and media discuss how they stand out in a constantly evolving landscape.

Panelists: Amanda Smeltz (Wine Director, Matter House), Ariel Acre (Owner, Tokyo Record Bar, Air's Champagne Parlour, Niche Niche), Julie Reiner (Owner, Clover Club, Leyenda)
Moderator: Eleanore Park (Associate Editor, Off Duty at The Wall Street Journal)






HOW I MADE IT: Krissy Jones on SkyTing Yoga

It’s easy to think that success is a gift that just magically comes to others. In this series, we debunk that notion and invite female entrepreneurs to tell their story and give actionable advice for aspiring business leaders in the trade.

Presenter: Krissy Jones (Co-Founder, SkyTing Yoga)


Building an Original Brand on Social Media

Who doesn’t want to step up their IG game? Join us for a hands-on workshop with PUNCH’s art director and social media expert on how to improve your overall social media IQ. We’ll tackle what you need to know about analytics, staging your shots, audience engagement techniques, the basics of photo editing on your phone and more.

Presenters: Lizzie Munro (Art Director, PUNCH) + Allison Hamlin (Social Media Editor, PUNCH)


SIGNATURES: Jordyn Lexton on Drive Change

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but every so often a truly original perspective can change the whole game. Join industry thought-leaders as they share their “signature” approach to an issue and how they came up with an innovative solution with a lasting impact.

Presenter: Jordyn Lexton (Founder, Drive Change)




Dress for Success

A word from Spirit Forward’s 2019 charity partner.


WORKSHOP: Financial Gym x Ho$pitality

Financial adulting can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. The Financial Gym—a female-owned “financial fitness” program—offers guests guidance and how-tos on hospitality-specific questions about taxes, saving and planning for the future.

Presenter: Lindsay Perez (Level 3 Financial Trainer, The Financial Gym)


PANEL: The Only One In the Room

We consider originality to be a positive asset no matter the context, but that isn’t always the case; sometimes disrupting the status quo comes with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Our panel of women leaders in hospitality speak about how they were inspired to disrupt the status quo and succeeded in carving out space for their own unique POV.

Panelists: Ariel Neal (Co-Founder, Causing A Stir), Krista Scruggs (Winemaker, ZAFA Wines), Reem Assil (Chef/Co-Owner, Dyafa)
Moderator: Ashtin Berry (Educator and Activist)




Caroline Rosen and Colin Asare-Appiah in Conversation

It’s easy to think that success is a gift that just magically comes to others. In this series, we debunk that notion and invite female entrepreneurs to tell their story and give actionable advice for aspiring business leaders in the trade.

Presenters: Caroline Rosen (Executive Director, Tales of the Cocktail) and Colin Asare-Appiah (Trade Director Culture and Lifestyle, Bacardi)


PANEL: Rapid Fire

The pressure is on as a panel of our favorite hospitality-world personalities are given a split-second to answer a lightning round of questions—weighing in on everything from their deathbed drink to their dream drinking buddy.

Panelists: Leah Doyle (Vice President of Spirits & Lifestyle, The Daily Beast), Erikx DiSantis (Bartender, Pouring Ribbons), Naama Tamir (Co-Owner, Lighthouse), Lynette Marerro (Co-Founder, Speedrack)
Moderator: Anna Kah McLoughlin, Bacardi Senior Portfolio Ambassador


Missy Robbins in Conversation with Talia Baiocchi

Missy Robbins is one of America’s most important chefs, the owner of two of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in New York (Lilia / MISI), the 2018 James Beard Award winner for best chef New York, this year’s national nominee for Outstanding Chef and Esquire’s Chef of the Year 2018.

In this candid conversation with PUNCH’s Editor in Chief, Talia Baiocchi, she will speak about the arc of her career, why it took her until her 40s to truly find her voice (and why she had to take two years away from cooking to do it) and what it means to build a hospitality business that is a positive, career-building place for employees.

Presenters: Missy Robbins (Chef/Owner, Lilia, MISI) and Talia Baiocchi (Editor in Chief, PUNCH)


Spritz Bar

Enjoy a spritz bar powered by Bacardi, small bites and a chance to mingle with converse with participants, panelists and presenters.


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